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John Howardson Dance Studio Lessons Reviews

PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS are the best way to learn for most people, whether you are advanced or a total beginner.


  1. They allow you to get more individual instruction than you would in group classes to help you learn at your pace (which may be faster or slower than you would experience in a group setting).

  3. They allow you to focus on finer elements of dance (that cannot be covered well in a group setting), such as technique, styling, theory, musical rhythm and timing, proper dance characterization, lead and follow, advanced cool moves, and more.
  4. They also give female dance students without dance partners a chance to experience partnering with a professional certified dance instructor.
  5. They can be adjusted to accommodate your changing weekly time schedule.

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 1-855-543-2623 or just simply 1-855-JH-DANCE


    John Howardson Wedding Dance Lessons Reviews

    JOHN HOWARDSON offers a wedding dance lesson package to couples wanting to avoid the embarrassing grade 8 shuffle, where you rock back and forth on the spot for 2 or 3 long minutes in front of your family and friends on their special day, while smiling a lot to get it over with.

    TYPICALLY you can learn your first dance in a 5 WEDDING DANCE LESSON PACKAGE, even if you are total beginners.   It is not possible to learn a proper wedding dance in a group class.   Benefits include the following:

    1. You can choose your own music.
    2.  You can take part in the creative process of coming up with a special and fun dance that you can perform with your fiance, if you have ideas from videos you like, for example.
    3.  You can enjoy the flexibility, with respect to scheduling appointments because they are private lessons.
    4. You can receive the value and experience of having 5 private lessons with a professional I.S.T.D. certified dance teacher.

    Many wedding couples learn the Waltz, the Rumba, the Foxtrot, the Swing, or a combination. Other dances include Tango, Salsa, Cha Cha, and more.  Sometimes, we combine dances or just invent some moves together that work for you and your personalities.


    Email: [email protected]
    Text: 647-995-7149; Phone 1-855-543-2623

    John Howardson Dance
    964-6021 Yonge Street
    Toronto, Ontario
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    Tel: 1-855-543-2623 or just simply 1-855-JH-DANCE
    Text: 647-995-7149
    Email: [email protected]

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    Tel: 1-855-543-2623      or just simply       1-855-JH-DANCE

    Email: [email protected]