About John Howardson Dance

JOHN HOWARDSON DANCE  ( John Howardson ) is a company committed to promoting a HIGH QUALITY of dance training and education to dance teachers and dance students.

JOHN HOWARDSON DANCE  ( John Howardson ) follows the I.S.T.D., British Standard, which is the best and most prestigious educational and examination body in the world for dancers of all major styles.

(a)    Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Open Levels for students and

(b)    Student Teacher, Associate, Licentiate, and Fellow for professionals.

  • Open Level is a category encompassing Gold Star, Open Gold, Prechampionship, and Championship.


JOHN HOWARDSON DANCE  ( John Howardson ) emphasizes the International Style and teaches all 10 of the Latin and Ballroom dances.     Additional satellite dances include Salsa on 1, Country 2 Step, and a number of dances popular in the U.S.A.,  Canada, and the rest of the world.

A progressive dance approach is emphasized, from one level to the next level and upward, in order to build good dance foundation, proper lead and follow techniques, fluidity of movement, correct characterization of dance, musical understanding, interpretation, rhythm, timing, and much much more.

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I.S.T.D,  I.D.T.A,  C.D.T.A

Licentiate, Highly Commended




We promote a positive environment with win/win relationships, and a healthy lifestyle.     



Tel: 1-855-543-2623        or just simply         1-855-JH-DANCE

Email: info@johnhowardsondance.com


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